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My name is Allison Scobie-Carroll. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of clinical experience and am licensed to practice in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Michigan. My practice focus is in the provision of care to adults and couples (specializing in serving those practicing ENM/CNM/polyamory) and serving the LGBTQIAA+ community.


As a social worker, my work is rooted in the awareness that we all live and grow in the context of the family, community and the larger world; all of which influence our view of ourselves and who we currently are.   Also central to my practice is the essential principle of empowerment.  When one embarks on the journey of improving one's life circumstances it is a process of claiming one's power to do so. 

My practice is relational at its foundation and is informed by clinical practices that have been shown to be helpful in managing the symptoms and habitual ways of being that cause distress or undermine relationships and well being. I draw on evidence-based practices that effect behavioral change, including those of CBT and DBT,  in addition to those of mindfulness-based techniques.  


I am here to work alongside you  as you move through the adjustments to major life events including but not limited to: launching into adulthood, navigating parenting over the course of your child and family's development, intimate partner conflict and communication issues, embracing one's sexual orientation and gender identity, coming out, gender affirming transition, separation and divorce, and  the management of behavioral health conditions including but not limited to those of depression, anxiety and trauma.

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