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As noted in my description of my practice, I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of clinical experience working in a variety of community based, healthcare and psychiatric treatment settings. 

I have served as a clinician, clinical and administrative leader, educator, expert witness, private practitioner and advocate.

In addition to my Masters in Social Work, I have a Masters in Business Administration, training in mediation, and have completed a Fellowship in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School. My professional affiliations are many. I am the former President  and  board member of the National Association of Social Workers, MA Chapter,  a member of the New England Gender C.A.R.E Consortium, and served on the advisory board for  the Boston University Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health Care, Salem State University School of Social Work Advisory Board among others. 

I am committed to continuous learning and consistently participate in educational endeavors to further deepen my expertise as behavioral health science and best treatment practices emerge and evolve.


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