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How it Works

Initial Connection

After you have reached out to me through this site or by calling (857) 336-1508, we will arrange a time to connect by phone to discuss what brings you to consider starting therapy. I will ask you for a brief description about your current concerns, any history of treatment and your goals. 

Next step

During our call we will sort out if it makes sense to schedule a time for a first time meeting/evaluation (via a confidential telehealth platform or in my office, located in Westford, MA).  This first session is 90 minutes in length and involves obtaining your  history and gaining a fuller understanding of your aspirations for treatment.

Ongoing work

Thereafter we will work together to determine a plan   (including frequency of meetings, in person or telehealth etc).  


I do not accept insurance, but am very happy to provide you with invoices so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier (for an out-of-network provider).  I accept all electronic forms of payment. 

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